Mix fold 3: xiaomi can launch amazing foldable mobile in India

this Era is foldable mobile era in mobile industry. And now at the time Samsung foldable mobiles are lead to foldable mobile market but Xiaomi Foldable Smartphone can be number one doing launch in August xiaomi’s new foldable mobile Mix Fold 3.

Samsung Z Fold4 , Motorola Razr 40 Ultra and Vivo X Fold 5g most popular in foldable mobile market At the time. But upcoming mobile Mi mix fold 3 maybe first one in the list because there is so many new features which is not available in all the foldable mobiles.

Xiaomi's foldable mobile
Mix fold 3 5g

MI mix fold 3 5G foldable mobile has amazing features or specs, so that it’s can take first position in foldable mobile market by performance or specifications.

Mi mix fold 3 highlights:

  • Mi mix fold 3 mobile has a attractive design with dual display its foldable like a book.
  • both display comes with SUPER AMOLED with 2K resolution and 144 hard refresh rate and that’s amazing display.
  • Mixfold 3 foldable mobile has best ever camera of foldable mobile phones because that have one Inch size camera sensor with co-engineering with LEICA Lens.
  • mix fold 3 mobile has bestest camera phone then Samsung z fold 4 and Vivo x fold mobile.
  • MI mix fold 3 mobile comes with slimmest design then every foldable mobile phones.

Mix Fold 3 5g launch date

According to xiaomi’s official notification xiaomi going to launch the Foldable mobile in August 2023 month. The launch will be in China.

Mi mix fold 3 maybe launch in India within 6 month after launch date. In Indian market the foldable mobile can make hype then another foldable mobile phones because the mobile more attractive or powerful.

Mix fold 3
Xiaomi’s foldable mobile mix fold 3

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