What is Jio Space Fiber? how it is work? Full explanation about jio space fiber

Reliance Jio, which already introduced India to the 5G revolution, is now setting another digital milestone with ‘Jio Space Fiber‘. Jio Space Fiber is a giga satellite based internet service.

This system works by using a satellite dish and receiver, which are aligned in the direction of the satellites present in the sky. Received signals are transmitted to the devices through a Wi-Fi router.

Jio Space fiber full explanation

Its unique selling point (USP) is its high-speed connectivity and access in remote regions. If you are also looking for futuristic and reliable internet solution, Jio Space Fiber can be the best choice for you.

Reliance Jio, which started the 4G and 5G revolution, has now brought another digital revolution with ‘Jio Space Fiber’. Let’s take a deep dive into this innovative technology

Jio Space Fiber: A Brief Overview

Jio Space Fiber is a satellite-based internet service, designed specifically for areas where traditional broadband connections cannot reach.

How it Works?

  • Satellite Dish & Receiver: Users need a satellite dish and receiver to avail the benefits of this service. This dish is aligned in the direction of the satellites positioned in the sky.
  • Wi-Fi Router: To distribute the received signals, the receiver is connected to a Wi-Fi router.

Easy Steps to Connect:

  1. Positioning the Dish: Choose a perfect spot where the satellite dish gets clear sky access.
  2. Setup & Sync: Setup the dish and receiver properly. For optimal performance, always follow the user manual or get assistance from Jiospacefiber technicians.

Why Choose Jio Space Fiber?

Its high-speed internet, consistent connectivity and remote area accessibility makes it a game-changer.

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