INDUS: first Indian battle royale game! INDUS is ready to take over the screens, Batter then pubg & FF.

Get ready, online gamers! A brand new game called “Indus Battle Royale” is coming to India. If you are a fan of action packed games like PUBG, BGMI, Freefire Max and Call of Duty, then there is a good chance you are in for it.

What is special in Indus Battle Royale? It is all about the blend of Indian culture with gaming enthusiasm. Imagine the characters and places that bring India’s rich heritage to life as you play.

Highlights about the Indus game:

  • Launch Date/release date: November 2023 (end of the month). The game is available to pre register on Play Store if you want download automatically when it’s launch than go to Play Store and pre-register now for the game for free.
  • Gameplay Style: Action-packed, just like your favorite games (BGMI,pubg and COD) even sometime Indus is better than your favourite games because the game has Indian culture in sound or visualisation.
  • Characters: Full 10-characters will be seen in Indus game and this character is better than BGMI game and pubg game character, All character names of Indus game are as follows: Sirtaj, Adam, Aadya, Rana, Big Gaj, Heena, Mor- ni, NULL, ary and VOID.
  • Weapons: in the Indus game you will get 9 different beautiful weapons in virtual game match. All weapons of Indus battle royal game: SFR-4, DEVASTATOR, V-FURY, A27 LOCUST, R4-FTR, JUDGEMENT, and TEMPEST CFA, VANTAGE, KISMET CS 10, .

The launch of Indus Battle Royale is just around the corner and the excitement is building up. Whether you are a seasoned online gamer or just looking for some entertainment and Best Gameplay Experience, this game promises a unique journey where Indian culture meets high-tech gaming. As November draws closer, keep an eye out for updates and get ready to plunge into the world of Indus Battle Royale.

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