Bhart 6G: Now india started 6g vision framework, internet speed will be…?

hey India, now India experience 5G technology less network. But still 5G network expedition is not complete for Pan India. And another side Indian government started a new vision for next generation network 6G and that called by Bharat 6G vision fremwork.

According to Indian government Bharat 6G vision will be complete in 2025. 6G technology can provide hundred times more fast internet speed then 5G technology.

6G network launch date in india

In India telecom companies main focus is 5G expedition, all the companies want to provide 5G network to Pan India it means they want go to in ruller area with 5G network. But India want develop or integrate 6g tech technology as soon as possible so that government has started Bharat 6G vision fremwork and that will be complete time estimated 2 years and after 6months that will be provide to every telecom users at reliable price range.

6G speed then 5G network

as you know, 5G network max internet speed is 700 mbps and that is 20 times more than 4G network but new latest network tracker technology 6g is 100 times faster than 5G network. 6g network speed can go to up to 80GB/s.

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