Great India is on either side of Israel or Palestin, what is India’s two-party policy?

India’s relations with Israel and Palestine are based on a very complex and prudent policy. Historically, India has supported the opening up of Palestine since independence, while also working closely with Israel, especially

India-Israel/Palestin: A new beginning

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Israel in 2017 took relations between the two countries to new heights. Subsequently, cooperation in defence, agriculture, and cybersecurity saw new dimensions.

India-Palestine: Cooperation and Support

At the same time, India has also maintained its traditional support with Palestine, and has helped in various development projects.

Two-Party Policy: The Art of Balancing

India needs to maintain a balanced approach in its foreign policy in which relations with both Israel and Palestine can be maintained. With this, India has shown the world that it is capable of maintaining its relations.

In this balanced approach, India will have to face the challenging task of managing relations with both the countries while keeping in mind its national interests, so that peace and stability is maintained in the region.

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