Smartwatch: “A Closer Look at the Future 🙆Galaxy Watch6 Classic specs and fetures, Best review

Recently Samsung company launched a new smartwatch, galaxy Watch6 classic. The galaxy watch is successor of previous classic smartwatch buy Samsung, named Galaxy watch5 classic. Now in the page I am going to discuss about “Samsung Galaxy watch 6 classic” smartwatch, what are the best in the smartwatch and why its best or bad.


In the galaxy watch 6 classic smart watch used a bigger display then galaxy watch5 classic, the display size is 1.5 inch. And in the display made by using OLED panel with 480 x 480 pixel screen resolution which is provide best viewing experience with the smartwatch’s display.

the screen size on paper maybe not look like big size display, but in daily use and reality it is large screen for smartphone so if you are like large or bigger display with best quality display panel can you can choose the smartwatch Galaxy Watch6 Classic


The smartwatch Galaxy watch six classic have so many different sensors to measurement your body. health measurement sensors includes an accelerometer, gyro, compass, heart rate monitor, barometer, skin temperature thermometer, and an advanced 3D Hall sensor.

all the sensors are works with more accuracy. 3D hall sensors make a different measurement for your health because that is work on magnetic field and that sense to death height or 3D physical overview, so that the 3D hall sensor is a great advantage for you.


Galaxy watch6 classic has a over clocked processor smartwatch processor chipset. In “Watch5 Classic” processor was Exynos W920 but in the smart watch (Galaxy watch 6 classic) using a faster Processor 1.4GHz Exynos W930 5Nm” and 2GB RAM memory which makes fast performance during daily use or anytime of heavy use. Galaxy watch6 classic has 16GB storage to store photo video and data.


In the smartwatch too many features are packed, some important useful features are here the list:

  • Rotating bezel: Galaxy smart watch 6 classic has a rotating that’s why smart watch has thin bezels. Rotating bezel can control your smart watches it’s very useful.
  • sleeping quality measurement, sports and working measurement step pound extra.
  • Watch faces: in the smartwatch you can change watch faces.
  • Hard fall detection: Galaxy watch6 classic has hard fault detection feature make sense to protect you and SOS message.
  • Playstore: if you want to install any mobile app for smart watch then you can using PlayStore in the smartwatch install any apps.
  • Payment: with Samsung wallet you can pay using your GALAXY WATCH 6 CLASSIC. The smart watch support NFC so you can make easy payment or data transfer.


Samsung Galaxy watch6 classic has 425mAh battery cell and it’s support for charging according to Samsung company half an hour it will charge 45%. And with power saving model the smartwatch after fully charge, gives you battery backup to 40 hours. And if you don’t power saving mode then battery backup 30 hours for galaxy watch6 classic.

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