Vivo going to launch best test camera phone in the world?

hey guys welcome to nowadays everyone know mobile technologies are improving day by day. And now mobiles are very close to replace DSLR camera because luxury mobiles above 100000 rupees price, All the luxury camera mobiles has best camera sensors which is highly compete to DSLR cameras under 3 lakh rupees.

Till today, everyone know very well iPhone 14 Pro Max and Samsung galaxy s23 ultra both mobile phones has bestest camera sensore. But now it’s not true because Vivo has launched a new smartphone device which has bestest camera then iPhone 14 Pro Max and galaxy s23 ultra. And the vivo’s newly launched mobile is Vivo x90 Pro plus.

Vivo x90 Pro plus camera details:

Vivo x90 Pro Plus mobile has a bestest camera in the world. Because there is three reasons that’s why x90 Pro‘s camera better than iphone 14 Pro Max‘s camera, first is that ziess lens co-Engineered with the phone, second reason is in vivo x90 Pro Plus’s camera has a One inch sensor and third reason is real portrait like DSLR without any AI image process. All the reasons are make bestest camera phone to Vivo x90 Pro Plus. I’m so that iPhone 14 Pro Max and galaxy s23 ultra is not best camera phone then the phone.

Vivo x90 Pro plus nightography camera:

the mobile phone perform very well in night because the camera phone has 1 inch large lens and aperture so that can be capture more lights from focus object so its can better perform in low light rather than iPhone 14 Pro Max and galaxy s23 ultra.

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